From The Laboratory

by Zvilnik

This place is diseased Too many people like me I’m the lone gunman Burn it like bunsen Declaring a quarantine Pulling the plug on this operation Releasing the hounds Tear this facility down Protocols must be enacted To undo the men that we manufactured This is my function To burn it like bunsen Burn it like bunsen Burn it like bunsen Trust the lone gunman To burn it like bunsen Lock down the automatic doors Inhale, exhale... and pause Then rooms by room and floors by floor I’ll shut this project down I do my job and do it well, disposing of the evidence For cleanliness is godly and I’m not inclined to fail It’s fitting to be pitiless when cleaning up this kind of mess It’s necessary to ensure that dead men tell no tales


released June 4, 2013


all rights reserved



Zvilnik Manchester, UK

Zvilnik cannot be killed by conventional methods, now in their third incarnation, regenerating not with the glamour of a phoenix, but the grime of a re-re-re-animated Frankenstein’s cadaver. Stitched together by the unrelenting hands of an unhinged doctor, maniacally thrusting in freshly exhumed organs where each previous part has dropped away, jolting a spark of life through the ungodly result. ... more

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